‘The Art of War’


  • Brian Bernstein


The period 2020/2021 has been an extremely interesting time. The concerns around the ‘rise of pseudoscience’ referred to in my inauguration address last November have turned out to be prophetic to say the least, with my screenshot taken off the TV of the ‘shaman of Q-anon’ being superseded by his public involvement in the storming of the Capitol in January and his subsequent imprisonment.

Among the noise, my concern about how we will practise our craft of healing in this environment of mistrust, distrust and the proliferation of the ‘instant expert’ may have been lost or misunderstood. Please pay attention to this!

Things have really seemed to only accelerate with the vaccine development and rollouts being challenged, the treatment protocols for Covid-19 being influenced by the media and internet, and signs that global mental health has been negatively impacted by the lockdowns and restrictions, which seem to have polarised communities across the world. All we can do is ‘carry on’ as normally as possible, and hope this influences those around us to do the same. To do this we need to have accurate and reliable data to support our decisions.

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Brian Bernstein

President: South African Orthopaedic Association






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