Generative Artificial Intelligence Policy

This policy has been developed to provide clarity and direction for authors, readers, reviewers, and editors engaging with generative AI and AI-assisted technologies within the context of the South African Orthopaedic Journal. This policy intends to establish a transparent framework for the appropriate use of such technologies. It is important to note that this policy solely pertains to the writing process and does not include AI tools for data analysis and research insights.

While embracing these advancements, the SAOJ remains committed to monitoring and adapting this policy as necessary. Authors employing AI and AI-assisted technologies during the writing process must limit their application to improving the document's readability and language. They should refrain from substituting crucial authoring responsibilities, including developing scientific, educational, or medical insights, drawing definitive scientific conclusions, or providing clinical recommendations. The integration of these technologies should be overseen by human judgment and control. Thorough review and editing are imperative since AI-generated outputs can potentially harbour inaccuracies, omissions, or biases. It is important to emphasize that authors bear the ultimate responsibility and liability for the content of their work.

Authors are required to openly declare the utilization of AI and AI-assisted technologies in their manuscripts. A statement highlighting this usage will be included in the published work. This declaration fosters transparency and confidence among authors, readers, reviewers, editors, and contributors.

Authors should not attribute AI and AI-assisted technologies as authors or co-authors. Authorship involves duties and tasks that are exclusive to human beings, as outlined in the Guidelines for Authorship policy. Each author assumes responsibility for addressing queries about the accuracy or integrity of any aspect of the work, and authorship mandates the capacity to endorse the final version of the work and approve its submission. Authors also shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the work's originality, verifying the eligibility of stated authors for authorship, and confirming the absence of third-party infringements.