Orthopaedic surgical career path – where’s the plan?


  • Robert N Dunn University of Cape Town


As I pen this piece, we are ramping up into the 4th wave of Covid with the additional stressor of the unknown impact of the Omicron variant. Much of the disruption is due not to the virus itself but to our chosen responses of lockdowns, curfews and repetitive testing. I have personally undergone eight (negative) PCR tests in November alone to allow travel, run a marathon and undergo a minor surgical procedure. A quick R8 400 wasted at R850 a local test, reaching 100 US dollars in Malawi and 88 euros in Spain! Then while lecturing in Spain, the world went crazy isolating South Africa after one of our virologists tweeted about the newest spike protein variant – without having any idea of its significance.

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Robert N Dunn, University of Cape Town

President: South African Orthopaedic Association






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